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Infrastructure Robotics

Automatic Robot System for Indoor High Rise Spray Painting

High ceiling painting is inevitable & common in building construction, especially in industrial workshop. Its painting takes a lot of effort for details and is no doubt time consuming. Traditional high ceiling painting is manually done by means of ladders or hydraulic lifts and often results in unreliable painting quality. Moreover, the high-place operation (up to 10 meters) will create lethal danger to painting workers. This project aims to develop a mobile robot system equipped with a novel long reach mechanism for high ceiling and wall painting applications. [read more ...]

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Principal Investigator: Professor Chen I-Ming                                                                                 Current Project

Co-development of Light-Industrial Use Multiple-axis Robotic Spray-painting System a.k.a. Outdoor Wall Cleaning & Painting Robotics System

Currently, outdoor wall painting process on buildings is done manually by painting workers who are carried by a manually controlled gondola platform. For each horizontal axis movement, worker will need to shift the gondola manually and the whole painting process becomes time-consuming. This is also hazardous as the painter may fall off from a great height. This project aims to develop an automated outdoor wall cleaning and painting robotics system, named Spiderman. When successful, it will provide cleaning and painting services on outdoor walls which such as HDB flats and high rise buildings. [read more ...]

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Principal Investigator: Professor Chen I-Ming                                                                                 Current Project

Automated Construction Quality Assessment Robot System 

Construction quality assessment is integrated part of construction project, which can guarantee the quality of constructed building and improve security capability. Currently, manual inspection process plays important role in the assessments including evenness, hollowness, cracks, verticality, and fishing issues. However, manual assessment has the disadvantages of time-consuming, low efficiency, and bigger error. Assessment with a robotic system including a mobile robot and different kinds of inspection instruments can realize autonomous and consistent quality assessment. [read more ...]​​

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Principal Investigator: Assistant Professor Erdal Kayacan                                                              Current Project

​​​​​Development of a Robotic System for Large Diameter Sewerage System Inspection

The Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) is designed to meet Singapore’s needs for used-water treatment, reclamation and disposal. As a preventive measure, regular inspection of the tunnel’s corrosion-protection lining is required. This project focuses on the design of the mobile robot, the on-board sensing system and the umbilical system. The robot has to cope with conditions such as flowing water and sediment. The prototype will be test bedded within a large diameter trunk sewer. [read more ...]

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Principal Investigator: Assoc Prof Yeo Song Huat, ​Assoc Prof Gerald Seet                                   Current Project